Up All Night

In search for adventure, I approached one of my friends from college and asked if I could tag along to one of his concerts. Being a good friend, he gave me this awesome chance to see him in action; granted I could have gone to his performances for free... but I just wanted to be part of the entourage.

However, being a recluse in the making, this was conceptually a terrible idea. By no means am I a misanthrope, but having 20+ people in a room, with a dash of insane colours flashing about, and a sprinkling of incredibly loud music; sounds like a terrible time. 

It was a fantastic time. I was swept away by the vibes, the smells, the colours, the sounds. The air was an interesting concoction of alcohol, fried food, and cigarette smoke; however, for some reason unbeknownst to me I liked it. Not necessarily partaking, rather being in that middle ground, where I experience everything without being in the middle of it.  The band was blasting away, the patrons were losing their minds dancing their hips off and I was taken by this cacophony of noises. 

So whats moral of this story? There isn't one. Basically I had insane fun at the last place I would ever be. 


Orange II

So I promised sub-par/mediocre writing...



Sunsets are have always been fascinating to me. Not really the sunset itself, rather the properties of the light. Technically Rayleigh Scattering (the scattering of shorter wavelengths in the atmosphere leaving only longer wavelengths of visible light. There is a bananas equation..but I like to think the world is run by magic...so...back to this horribly mediocre blog)  is to blame for this look, but it still magical....So I looked at a sunset and I thought about the most fascinating thing in the world...the 70's...so here we are. 


     This was the first time I had worked with Hanna. We had planned, rather not planned, on taking photos in this field. To Hanna, the particular field bore sentimental value; she ran through it almost every day, indulging heavily on those gorgeous midwestern sunrises and sunsets. Because of this, she wanted to capture a set of images that carried that essence. The feeling you get in the morning when the sunrise is perfect, the grass feels soft under your feet and the cold dew is refreshing. 

However, unlike Hanna, I don't run in the morning...well I don't run at all...thus consequently I couldn't necessarily empathize with the feeling of freedom that comes with running. The closest thing I could feel that essentially got close was to dream...In my mind, dreams like good mornings are fleeting and come by once in a while; and when they do, we try to take in that moment and hope to remember as much as we can...but often, by morning almost all is forgotten but that overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation.

Central West End with Allex Sammuli

Bath time and roses

For this set, it was my first official shoot with Madison. We'd spent weeks thinking about this shoot, we couldn't decide on what flowers to use, what poses to make, honestly, the entire enterprise was a crazy experiment. I admire Madison's adventurous spirit and her willingness to create scenes. I do wish I could be as creative in front of the camera as this lady.




Inspired by Kylie Jenner...not a phrase I would normally say; but coaxed, nay cajoled by Shani, I did this shoot with her. To appeal to my creativity, she allowed for my need to make the photos timeless...well as timeless as I could.

Sunday Lunch at Nixta (It was Closed)

One fateful Sunday, Allex, Taffiny and I were famished. After driving around St.Louis looking for a table, we came across Olio's, absolutely gorgeous Mediterranean restaurant in Tower Grove, but they had closed for lunch. Sightly disappointed (we were very upset) we walked down the street looking for both a new spot to take photos and feed our famished selves. 

There it was, in between two drab buildings stood this gorgeous turquoise building. It looked quirky, especially with the orange and navy patterns harking to mestizo patterns that describe the Mexican cuisine served. however, at the time we didn't think of the food...actually we thought about food just not their food.  

At the time we fell in love with the duotone fence, the lush sisal plant, and the giant orange door. Taffiny and Allex killed it and threatened to kill me (They were starving). Overall, we absolutely loved the color, but the best part was that Taffiny and Allex wore different variations of black and white; allowing for a really colorful symbiosis between the background and the subjects. 

Taffiny in Mustard

I think this shoot marked the beginning of my love the 70's. Although, at the time I didn't know. I absolutely loved Taf's big hair, round glasses, and the mustard jumper. Especially the mustard jumper. There is something so cool about that color; its like screaming I AM HERE! despite the scream, it still a portrays a laid-back vibe. The jumper screams and announces it presence while simultaneously letting you know its ok to be chill. It's such a FUNtastic juxtaposition!! :D

Shani Street

This set of images were my first set with Shani. Honestly, that day was a day of firsts; it was my first street session, my first time working with Shani, my first with a clothier, specifically, a bridal shop. The entire experience was simply awesome. As one might assume I may have misused the word, I assure you, I haven't. I was actually filled with awe; ranging from choosing which dress would be used, down to scouting out which locations would fit each dress. 

Within that one afternoon, I learned quite a bit about myself. I learned that I don't want to be a photographer...well, that is overgeneralizing a bit...I learned that I am actually interested in the process. The process of creation; having an idea, planning it out, then dutifully executing it. The whole process is simply exhilarating, Anyway, I am rumbling and you are here for the photos. 


I would love to indulge you on the color theory research I partook in (I didn't); I would love to tell you about the complex nature of the color application, strategies to outwit normal conventions of color tossing (there aren't any). Instead, here is a set of dope colours.