Writing Blogs

I have been struggling with writing blogs. I often try to tell myself, you have stories to tell! or you studied politics! you could write an astute article that discusses the various political and social mores being distressed by the current political climate! but alas, I haven't. In part, because I think, intrinsically, I don't like my voice. 

...And by voice, I mean, the collection of words that I choose to express my thoughts...like all those who write, I want to succinctly and directly express my thoughts in a manner devoid of misinterpretation...but ironically I find myself lost in the search for precise words...that the search for the words eventually supersedes the writing and before I know it, I am doing etymological research on crux (which first showed up in 1621 as Crux) by the way...

...often it's not just the words but also the tenses...present, past, future...and also the pronouns...good lord writing is hard.

The Russian Doll Behind the False Misconception that Self Describes as Boredom


Today I was bored.

Frightening as it as may sound, it actually was. The boredom was crippling. But the real crippling thing was not the boredom, rather it was the intense loneliness that came with it.

Today I am lonely.

Scary as it may sound, it actually was. the loneliness was crushing. Maybe crushing is overstating...but anything less would be underwhelming; in that, trying to simplify a complex human condition as a coping mechanism is the epitome of cowardice. Still, The intense feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose, is frightening.

Today I am frightened.

Weird as it sounds, it actually was. The weirdness was debilitating. The intense fear, hiding behind the loneliness hiding behind the boredom was peculiar.

Today I was peculiar.


There is something special about tea. Not the fact that it is leaves soaked in hot water. Technically it's dirty water with sugar; but I digressed. In my life, tea offers a space to discuss and transcend various emotional obstacles that I face daily.


Tea time is a space not to placate emotional distresses but a space to explore and understand the origin of the distress. 


Tea time with another person is a space that offers all of those involved a chance to gain perspective. To see the world beyond one's current realm of understand.


Tea time with another is like reading a novel except in this situation, the writer is sitting in the living room with you.


Unlike novels, tea time offers a much more wholesome experience; you get to see their eyes light up as they describe a beautiful scene or how their face softens as they describe a distant yet beautiful memory or hear the guffaw at a terrible joke a memorable person said. 

All in all, tea time is a beautiful time.