Sunday Lunch at Nixta (It was Closed)

One fateful Sunday, Allex, Taffiny and I were famished. After driving around St.Louis looking for a table, we came across Olio's, absolutely gorgeous Mediterranean restaurant in Tower Grove, but they had closed for lunch. Sightly disappointed (we were very upset) we walked down the street looking for both a new spot to take photos and feed our famished selves. 

There it was, in between two drab buildings stood this gorgeous turquoise building. It looked quirky, especially with the orange and navy patterns harking to mestizo patterns that describe the Mexican cuisine served. however, at the time we didn't think of the food...actually we thought about food just not their food.  

At the time we fell in love with the duotone fence, the lush sisal plant, and the giant orange door. Taffiny and Allex killed it and threatened to kill me (They were starving). Overall, we absolutely loved the color, but the best part was that Taffiny and Allex wore different variations of black and white; allowing for a really colorful symbiosis between the background and the subjects.