This was the first time I had worked with Hanna. We had planned, rather not planned, on taking photos in this field. To Hanna, the particular field bore sentimental value; she ran through it almost every day, indulging heavily on those gorgeous midwestern sunrises and sunsets. Because of this, she wanted to capture a set of images that carried that essence. The feeling you get in the morning when the sunrise is perfect, the grass feels soft under your feet and the cold dew is refreshing. 

However, unlike Hanna, I don't run in the morning...well I don't run at all...thus consequently I couldn't necessarily empathize with the feeling of freedom that comes with running. The closest thing I could feel that essentially got close was to dream...In my mind, dreams like good mornings are fleeting and come by once in a while; and when they do, we try to take in that moment and hope to remember as much as we can...but often, by morning almost all is forgotten but that overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation.