Shani Street

This set of images were my first set with Shani. Honestly, that day was a day of firsts; it was my first street session, my first time working with Shani, my first with a clothier, specifically, a bridal shop. The entire experience was simply awesome. As one might assume I may have misused the word, I assure you, I haven't. I was actually filled with awe; ranging from choosing which dress would be used, down to scouting out which locations would fit each dress. 

Within that one afternoon, I learned quite a bit about myself. I learned that I don't want to be a photographer...well, that is overgeneralizing a bit...I learned that I am actually interested in the process. The process of creation; having an idea, planning it out, then dutifully executing it. The whole process is simply exhilarating, Anyway, I am rumbling and you are here for the photos.